Sunshine and cider… hiccup

Sexy stripe super fit ruffle dress, silk pattern scarf, big jewel necklace

SO as all mancunians know, as soon as that sun puts his hat on, its off off out we go!!! Put on your best bib and tucker, and away to le pub hip horray!!!!   Advertisements

Its that time of year…

Its like Christmas time for us, its a time whereby we get really, really excited en route to work, wondering what goodies are awaiting us in closed cardboard boxes in the back of UPS vans… a time when ‘Oooo’s and Aaaaaaaa’s’ are to be heard wafting through theĀ streets of Didsbury as we start to unveil … Continue reading

I loved you, wednesday

Pink cord heart pocket jacket, silk scarf bow, high waist pleat crop denim trouser