Fonda turns 10!

Colonel Fonda's Party time

Fonda turns 10!

Coem to our party! Thurs 6th Nov 6pm – 9pm


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Autumn

The days are beginning to draw in, layers of beautiful silks and wonderous knits are popping up everywhere. The idea of wearing several items of clothing is increasingly appealing. Here at Fonda  we’re always proud pushers of the wonders of layering and to let you into a little secret… this is a particular favourite season … Continue reading

Footwear. You just can’t beat it.

Its that time of the season when you can justify most things, like another pair of sensible, yet bootiful boots… A heavenly and divine pair of leather soled lace up heels… an incredibly functional pair of moderately heeled, super stylish back zipper ankle boots. The list goes on. And on. Come and check out our … Continue reading

Here are a few of our favourite things

This week the beautiful simply Hannah modelled her favourite pieces so far this season – and doesn’t she look dreamy?! First up she chose the super sassy belted batwing dress, an elegant and easy piece that hits all the right spots. Here Hannah is wearing with a pair of strappy bamboo soled sandals but you … Continue reading

All you need

Is a great pair of stretchy black trousers… As modelled here by the magnificent J Dawg. They’re the perfect wardrobe staple to create all kinds of dazzling Autumn Winter looks. As seen here, they work wonders with a fabulous patterned dress to make it a little more daytime. And the idea of using them with … Continue reading

Fall Back

Patterned ruffled top, silk scarf, battered gold bracelet, black panelled hobble skirt

Whoosh!! Well, what a few weeks! Apologies for the lack of whimsical rambling, what with being rushed off our feet with our GIANT SALE (which we still have on in the back of the store may I add) and boxes and boxes of new stock arriving daily we’ve simply just not had the time! BUT … Continue reading

Fondas Secret Sale…

Fondas Secret Sale

I like to ride my bicycle…

Floral playsuit

… In a delightful floral halter neck onesie… x

Nothing to wear?

Well isn’t that a rather well used phrase… No clothes, no shoes, no accessories?! Its such a hard life isn’t it?! Have no fear, Fonda has all you need to be peachy this season!! With all this ridiculous weather kickin about we have everything you need to stand out like the summer bloom you are!

Fonda presents….

Mouthwatering Ballerina printed silk full dress

Fonda presents “That Certain Woman”   A host of delightful dresses to light up the drabbest of days, to make you stand out in a crowd whether you’re  maxi or a middi lover,  a patterned or a solids kinda gal… These just a few we have adorning our rails so please, don’t hesitate to stop … Continue reading